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We’re realigning our courses to the new ISTE Standards to equip today’s educator with the knowledge & skills to impact student learning. This realignment allows us to continue to improve the COETAIL experience while staying true to our ethos. The themes of COETAIL Courses 3 & 4 are Visual Communication and Learner-Driven Instruction. Focusing on developing as Collaborators, Designers, and Facilitators, COETAILers report that these are 2 of their favorite courses.

“The ISTE Standards for Educators are your road map to helping students become empowered learners. These standards will deepen your practice, promote collaboration with peers, challenge you to rethink traditional approaches and prepare students to drive their own learning.” (source)

We’re also collaborating with the University of Kentucky to align our courses to include overlapping assignments, allowing you to grow as both an Educator and an Education LeaderScroll down for more information on our partnership with the University of Kentucky and a peek at the combined learning journey. Did you know that registration for Online 11 is open?! Don’t miss out on this transformational learning journey!

Bonus: Our partnership gives you the opportunity to stack graduate certificates on your way to your Master’s in Education (or even Ph.D.!) from a Research 1 university.

Want more details?

The next ISTE Standard in our series is Designer:

ISTE Standards for Educators // Designer
Educators design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability. Educators:
Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.
Design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning.
Explore and apply instructional design principles to create innovative digital learning environments that engage and support learning.

Eduro Learning embraces a community approach to learning. We believe that our community is essential to COETAIL’s identity so we are letting their voices speak for the program. Below, COETAILers share how they grew as Designers during their journey.

I was able to design units with integrated technology tools that helped deepen and enrich students’ knowledge and understanding of the curriculum areas.


Online 2, COETAIL 2

COETAIL had me question so many of my decisions as an educator. I regularly consider my activities/task on the SAMR model and how I can redefine learning for my learners.


Online 4, COETAIL 2

The Visual Literacy course changed my entire perspective on how to deliver a message that keeps audience members engaged.


Online 9

My classroom has again (I moved school’s last year) been remodeled to suit my teaching style and beliefs. It’s flexible and accommodates different learning styles. My class LMS pages have a design that is appealing, functional. All visuals (infographics, posters) and (Google) presentations take into consideration design principles that are also explicitly taught. These were learned during the COETAIL course 3, one of my favorites.


Online 5, COETAIL 2

Your turn!

What does being a Designer mean to you? How do you demonstrate this standard? Why and how would you like to grow as a Designer?

Let us know via Twitter or Instagram using #COETAIL (feel free to get creative!) or comment below!

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This partnership allows us to bring you a customizable learning journey through stackable certificates. No matter where you’re starting from or where you’d like to go, we have an option for you! You’ll begin with 2 simultaneous certificates – COETAIL & School Technology Leadership. Then, you’ll have the option to continue to stack other certificates (think Instructional Coaching, Deeper Learning, Google Certified Trainer, and more) to create your own unique mosaic to reach your professional goals!

The next COETAIL cohort and our first joint cohort with the University of Kentucky begins in January 2019. Are you ready to be part of something bigger and become a COETAILer? Stay up to date about our next cohorts by signing up for our mailing list!

Shifting Our Schools Podcast

In Episode 68 of the Shifting our Schools podcast, Jeff & I connected with John Nash (Associate Professor and Department Chair for the Department of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky) to discuss how universities are changing to meet the needs of educators.

We spent some time talking about the changes happening at the university level and dove deeper into our new partnership with our stackable certificates that can lead to a Master’s Degree or even Ph.D. Listen here!

In Episode 69 of the Shifting our Schools podcast, Chrissy, Kim, and Jeff take time out to reflect on how three teachers who happened to teach at the same time at an international school in Bangkok end up where they are today. The history of COETAIL and how everything snowballed into Eduro Learning. An unexpected journey with student learning at the center. Listen here!

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