Hi everyone! Welcome to COETAIL! My name is Tanya LeClair and I am delighted to work with you throughout your journey. I first participated in COETAIL for Online 4 and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It was actually the catalyst that set me on a path to becoming a Technology and Innovation Coach, a career I truly love.

A Little About Me

I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada but I have been teaching for the past 9 years internationally. I began as an elementary classroom teacher in Abu Dhabi, but for the past 3 years, I have been the ES Technology and Innovation Coach for the American International School of Guangzhou, China. At the end of this school year, I will be moving on to a new and exciting opportunity as the WS Digital Literacy Coach for Seoul Foreign School. I love what I do since I get to work with teachers and students every day to design meaningful and dynamic learning experiences. When I’m not working you’ll often find me painting (art is my hobby), traveling, or spending time with friends and family.

Staying Connected

The COETAIL community is a truly global one and I encourage you to get active in conversations with your Online 11 cohort. Twitter is an amazing tool for educators to connect and share, and it’s a big part of how we can stay connected with each other. The #COETAIL hashtag is very active, and a great addition to any of the posts you are sharing.

My Twitter handle is @TanyaLeClair and your cohort handles (so far) are: 

Weekly Routine

COETAIL courses are organized by weeks so it’s important to start working out a routine that works for you. Since you are finishing up the orientation course you have had the opportunity to build an understanding of the schedule, requirements, and tools at your disposal. Once COETAIL officially gets underway your typical week will likely include:

  • Checking your RSS Reader

  • Checking in with the My Courses tab to see if something is new.

  • Completing the weekly readings.

  • Writing a weekly blog post & completing any assignments

  • Interactions or sharing via Twitter (not mandatory but definitely helps in building community connections).

  • Writing a weekly comment on another cohort members blog post.

    • At least one that you’ll record on the spreadsheet, but the more you engage with each other the stronger the experience becomes.

  • Document your work on your Grading Spreadsheet (links to the blog post and comment) for assessment and feedback.

A few thoughts about writing blog posts…

During each course, you will be asked to submit weekly blog posts based on your readings and/or assignments. If you’re new to blogging don’t worry. It will get easier. Try to find your own voice and style as you write. Remember, in most cases, the writing prompts are suggested topics for getting you started. You don’t have to respond exactly to the prompt. If you have an idea or connection that came to you based on the week’s readings, go for it. This is about you and your learning experience!

My Responsibilities

As your COETAIL instructor, my role is to support and guide you through this learning experience through feedback, assessment and communication. I will assess your assignments including your blog posts, comments, and projects. I will also assign a final grade and leave formative and summative feedback. The majority of the feedback will take place on your grading spreadsheet. If you ever have questions about assessments and/or feedback on your Grade Sheet, please feel free to let me know – you can e-mail me or even leave a comment on your gradesheet, whatever you feel comfortable with.


I will communicate frequently with you regarding anything that will affect the course via emails and our cohort blog. I will also let you know when I will be unavailable for timely responses (i.e. when I am at a conference, on break).

Our Cohort Blog

I’ll post here at least once a week with highlights from your posts, thoughts on the coming week and any tips or instructions you might need. I’m really looking forward to reading your blog posts and hearing your perspectives on the course content. As a COETAIL graduate, I am also looking forward to seeing how each of you experiences growth both personally and in your practice during this journey.  This is going to be a fantastic learning adventure for us all! Let’s get started!