Getting up to date

Welcome to Week 4! I am so excited about the amazing posts that have been shared so far in the course. By now, you should have completed the following:

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  • read and completed all units up to Week 4
  • started to think about your final project for Course 1 (maybe you just started that one second ago)
  • written 3 blog posts & 3 comments
  • recorded the URLs of each of the posts & comments on your grading spreadsheet

It’s ok if you are a little behind, but try to squeeze in some time this week to catch up if you can. It’s great when we are all posted in a timely manner so that comments and conversations can be had by all members of our cohort. Please let me know if you need my help getting caught up. You can find more information about COETAILS late work policy here.


The Course 1 Project

Each course has a final project that is posted as your week 6 blog post (with a project reflection). For course one, you will be uploading a unit plan that incorporates the essential understandings from this course. Ideally, you will be either designing a new unit that you hope to use soon or perhaps tweaking a unit you recently finished so that it’s ready to go for next year. You can find the details, examples, and templates needed here. Feel free to use whatever unit planner layout that you use in your school (just be sure it includes the same key elements in some shape or form).


Connecting with Cohort 10!

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A big part of COETAIL is connecting with the wider educational community. Our Online 10 Cohort is currently in Course 5 and I’m sure they would love it if you took some time to check out their blogs.

Not only will it help you build your own PLN, but it will also give you some insight into the coming course work. You can find their blog addresses here.




Technology to support meaningful learning

This week we are exploring the essential question “How can we effectively, practically and authentically embed technology within our curricular areas?” We discuss the implications of tech integration in the classroom and look at how teachers can responsibly and authentically embed technology within their curriculum. We are in an amazing time full of engaging resources and really cool tools. As educators, it’s important to weigh the reasons we use different technologies and ask ourselves if they will really deepen learning.

This week’s readings will help you dive a little deeper into the topic and help you reflect on your own practices in the classroom. Kim Cofino’s blog post 3 Steps to Transforming Learning in Your Classroom, in particular, will give you some insight into educational frameworks like Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model and how it can aid teachers in planning for the meaningful use of technology in their learning activities. I know that I often refer to SAMR when planning units so that the technologies we use facilitate high-order thinking skills. 

You will also have access to the Complete Guide to Designing Tech-Rich Units by Eduro Learning. An awesome resource that will help you utilize the Authentic Purposeful Learning Experiences unit planner. A planner that’s built on four foundational models that are essential to creating an engaging learning environment for students.

Here are some other articles to consider when exploring this topic:

As always, continue tweeting about your learning using the hashtag #COETAIL. It’s awesome to see you all building your online community.