Welcome to week 6!


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I hope you can look back on your posts and feel a sense of accomplishment in the work that you have produced and shared so far.  This week is intended to give you time to catch up on any work you have missed and to complete your final project (the UBD unit planner and reflective blog post).




March 15th is the final day to ensure you have completed all Course 1 requirements:


  • 6 blog posts (including your final project/blog post)
  • 5 comments on other participant blogs
  • Links to blog posts and comments added to your gradesheet

Your blog post this week is slightly different as you don’t have to reflect or comment on any readings, but you should write something to introduce your unit plan and explain why you chose this as your final project. Some questions to consider:

  • If you have built on an existing unit, what have you changed and why?
  • If you started from scratch, how did you decide on this unit? 
  • How does this relate to the learning in Course 1? 
  • What outcomes do you hope to see when students complete this learning experience/unit?
  • If you facilitated this experience, how did the learners respond to it? What feedback did you collect to inform future experiences?


Two important reminders for those of you pursuing GET certification:


  • Your final project should make use of Google tools that support learning.
  • You may choose to create a unit of inquiry from the perspective of a trainer of teachers. You can use the technology standards for teachers that you use at your school or the ISTE Standards for Educators.

We have provided you with a UbD unit template, but if you are more comfortable with a different unit planner template please feel free to use it. We really want you to be able to use this time to put together (or enhance) a unit that you will actually use with your students. So do what you can to make this unit usable! Here’s a link to the project rubric that will be used to assess your final project.

Embedding the Google Doc into your blog post can be a little tricky so please take some time to review this helpful blog post on how to embed a Google Doc into your post.


Virtual Fist Bump!

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I want to thank everyone for doing such a wonderful job during Course 1. I have been inspired and excited to see the enthusiasm and hard work put into each and every one of your blog posts.

You are clearly a caring group of educators looking to grow with one another and I loved seeing the connections you have made throughout the last 6 weeks. As we finish up course 1, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns about the final project. I look forward to seeing them!