Welcome to Week 2 of Course 4! So far, throughout all of our COETAIL courses, we’ve been writing and researching about different aspects of technology integration and our hope is that you are starting to solidify a personal definition or perhaps even philosophy around this idea. What is good technology integration? What isn’t? Why do you believe that it’s important to integrate technology and how do you measure or assess the integration in your classroom and throughout your school?

How might human connections make deep learning possible?

This week our aligned  ISTE Standard for Educators is 5.c. Educators explore and apply instructional design principles to create innovative digital learning environments that engage and support learning. You’ll be considering the role of learning partnerships and how human connections can help enhance learning and enable us to develop deeper understandings. 

Fullan and Langworthy describe effective partnering as something that is built on “principles of equity, transparency, reciprocal accountability and mutual benefit.” Teachers and students no longer have a transactional relationship where the teacher gives knowledge and the student receives, but rather a proactive co-learning relationship. 

Readings for This week

There is a stack of great resources to dig into for this week – especially those that focus on new pedagogies. Throughout this course, we will look at deepening our understandings of the changing face of education and how technology impacts the way we learn from one another. We will also be thinking about our Course 5 project and how we can take steps to prepare for it now.

Week Two To Do List:

Your task for this week is to write a blog post reflecting on the content and concepts from the week. Some questions you might consider: 

How does your classroom/school environment already embrace a new model of education? 

  • In what ways does your classroom/school environment have the opportunity to become more accepting of the new pedagogies model? 
  • What do learning partnerships look like in your classroom/school? 
  • How do you foster learning partnerships in your classroom/school? 

You will also be expected to comment on at least one of your peers blog posts and post the links to your blog post and comment on the grade sheet. Lissa informed us that the blog will be available soon, so for now the blog post can be in the form of a shared Google doc like this one. All week 2 readings and assignment info can be found here.

GET Certification

You should be working through Unit 3 of Google for Education’s Certified Trainer Training: Implement Best Coaching Practices. How might you use Google to find the best (Creative Commons) images to communicate your ideas?

In these units, you’ll learn:

  • How to build relationships through peer coaching 
  • How to effectively model for teachers 
  • How to perform a demonstration lesson 
  • How to model real-time flexibility and responsiveness 
  • How to use non-evaluative coaching 
  • How to adhere to proven principles/frameworks for feedback

Have a great week!