Welcome to week 3 COETAIL-ers. So far during Course 4, you have been exploring some frameworks for technology integration, as well as ways in which we might develop a learning partnership with students. I am impressed with some of the thoughtful and reflective posts that you have put forth. If you haven’t left your comments already, here are a few you might want to check out!

Reyna’s dive into the differences and similarities of the frameworks. Complete with a creative infographic of her thought process!

Boramy’s contrast and comparison of each framework and their practical connections to her own practice.

David’s hilarious comparison of technology integration frameworks to the challenge of a CrossFit WOD.

This Week’s Assignment

This week you’ll be looking continuing to focus on the following ISTE Standards for Educators:

5.a. Educators use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.

5.b. Educators design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning.

5 Creative Ways for Students to Reflect

When reading through this week’s resources, look for connections between the standards and themes featured. You will be writing a reflective blog post on your thoughts from the readings and submitting it on the site now that it’s all up and running.

Our readings will cover some of the ways in which educators can foster deeper learning by creating technology-rich and meaningful learning opportunities. You’ll explore some of the tools for engagement we might use to enhance lessons, as well as strategies for building capacity in our students. Please visit the My Courses page for some of the essential questions you might consider for your post. Some of the most reflective posts are those where the writer asks themselves these. When you are commenting also consider asking them of your peers. This will go a long way in developing meaningful connections to the take-aways we all have.

By the end of this week you should have completed:

  • 3 blog posts with links submitted on the gradesheet
  • 3 comments with links submitted on the gradesheet
  • Continue thinking about how you might plan for the Course 5 project
  • Begin thinking about the Course 4 project
  • For those in G.E.T. please see the My Courses page for what you should be working on.

Have a great week!