Welcome to Week 6! We are almost finished with Course 4 and I continue to be impressed by your amazing work. So many of the posts from this course have shown excellent reflection and consideration for building deep learning opportunities in your classes. You’ve given practical examples of how technology frameworks are implemented, as well as how we can use concepts like visible thinking and cognitive coaching to further student engagement.

I am certain that since you are all busy teachers that this time of year has been challenging. Many of you are in the midst of exams and parent-teacher conferences. This last week of the course is meant to give you time to finish up on all your blog posts and comments, as well as time to complete your final project. 

Course 4 Project

The Course 4 Final Projects focuses on the ISTE Standards for Educators 5:


Educators design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability. Educators:

5.a. Educators use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.

5.b. Educators establish a learning culture that promotes curiosity and critical examination of online resources and fosters digital literacy and media fluency.

5.c. Educators mentor students in safe, legal and ethical practices with digital tools and the protection of intellectual rights and property.

You will be submitting one of the following options:

Create a unit planner & Reflective Blog Post: This planner should be based on the enduring understandings of COETAIL that incorporate the ISTE Standards for Students, and how they can be used for your Course 5 project. This will give you a leg up on the project to come, as well as get you thinking about how you might get started. You may use our Authentic Purposeful Learning Experiences unit planner (available in Course 1), our UbD template, or an agreed-upon unit planner from your school. 

Create a Blog Post: In this blog post, describe 2 to 3 options you have in mind for your Course 5 project. For each of the options you share, give detailed answers to the questions outlined in the My Courses Tab. 

For this project, it would be wise to consider the questions posed in the project description. Also, please continue to add relevant images, links, and formatting to your posts. 

By December 8 you should have completed:

  • 5 blog posts with links in the gradesheet
  • 5 comments with links in the gradesheet
  • 1 final project with a reflective blog post linked in the gradesheet

A few important reminders for those of you pursuing GET certification:

  • Your planning process should make use of Google tools that support collaboration.
  • Your final project should make use of Google tools that support learning.
  • It’s almost time to apply to the GET program! The only thing standing in your way is the Trainer video. How have you grown as an educator during your COETAIL journey? Use your reflection skills for the 1st minute of the video. Is there a Google tool that you have fallen in love with during COETAIL? Share your newly acquired knowledge of the tool! See the “Understanding the Course 4 Final Project” unit for more details.

Please let me know if you need any support or clarification before completing your final project. Have a great week!