Well here we are everyone! We are beginning Course 5 and I can’t wait to see the culmination of all of the things you have learned throughout your COETAIL experience!

Course 5 is all about you, and how you will be showcasing your understanding of the ISTE Standards for Educators and all that you have learned throughout your COETAIL experience. Your blog posts will be up to you and will reflect your individual thoughts and experiences as an educator. They will also be reflective of your current teaching environment and tailored to your unique challenges or successes as an educator.

That’s one of the things that makes COETAIL so exciting….with educators coming from countries spanning the globe, we get to hear from so many perspectives and viewpoints.

Course Components

  • Blogging: 6 posts in total. 4 on a topic of your choice, 1 about community engagement & involvement, and one about the final project. (See the My Courses tabs for more details). There aren’t due at certain times, however it is expected that you post throughout the course to show how your thinking may be evolving throughout the course.
  • Peer Comments
  • Final Project (check out this awesome YouTube playlist of projects)
A wonderful Final project from Online 10 participant Jessica Phillips

Blogging – Some Things to Consider…

I have genuinely loved seeing how your blogs have grown over the span of the first 4 courses, however, there are always little things we can do as bloggers to ensure our posts have the impact we want.

Jakob Neilson’s research on how users read the web outlines the importance of employing scannable text. Since we covered it so long ago in Course 1, it might be good to revisit now. Here are a few tips to remember when writing for Course 5!

  1. Break up walls of text. Don’t forget to add images into your post to break up those overwhelming larger paragraphs.
  2. Don’t forget the headers! Share ideas in separate chunks of text and include headers about them to help the reader scan your post easily.
  3. Use lists and bullets….but not too much. Including short lists can aid in readability but ensure you aren’t overusing them. Ask yourself if your ideas can be shared in a list form at any point. 

Here we go!

As usual, please let me know if you have any questions about your Course 5 final project and how I might be able to help!