COETAIL Course 5 is underway and I can already see you beginning to use the new understandings you have developed throughout the first 4 courses in your final project beginnings. For some of you, the classrooms you are working within have no changed, but for others, this term looks very different.

One group, in particular, I would like to highlight is the group living in Asia who have been displaced due to the CORVID-19 virus. Yes, some of our very own COETAIL-ers are now teaching virtually from different parts of the globe and being forced to consider how they might keep their learners engaged and on track throughout difficult times. It’s a lesson in preparedness as well since you really never know what surprises may get in the way of our ability to teach traditionally.

Our Online 11 cohort member, David, who works in Shanghai wrote a post on how he is coping with virtual school called the VIRTUAL LEARNING SURVIVAL GUIDE. 

“We wanted to limit what tools (apps) we would put inside the survival kit for all involved. My reasoning for this is that although teachers certainly have the content and pedagogical knowledge (not to mention passion to teach), they may not have all the technical knowledge; according to TPACK So, armed with this information, I put the following apps inside the survival box.”

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash – Remixed

By choosing to be mindful of the overwhelming hurdles virtual school would provide, and his teachers’ different entry points to using digital tools, his school is ensuring teachers are able to meet virtual learning goals without having to overwhelm them too much. 

I also work in Asia, but my school isn’t currently closed…yet. In case this should turn into my reality, my team and I have been spending a lot of time preparing virtual school policies and possible tools.

  • Are you in the same boat?
  • What precautions does your school take in case of emergency situations?

If you find you are in the same position you may want to check out some of the great resources in this Wakelet collection.

Course 5 Considerations – What should you be doing right now?

  • You should be thinking about the 5 blog posts required for the course and how you might space those out over the time you are given. Please see the Online11 calendar for dates.
  • Throughout the course, please comment and link in the gradesheet
  • You are continuing to work on your final project. Check out some previous Course 5 projects here!