Dear COETAILers,

The last few months (and particularly the last few weeks) have been a whirlwind, and if you are anything like me, you are having a hard time focusing on anything other than planning virtual learning or consuming up to date Coronavirus news. If that’s the case you are not alone…and if you need something to cheer you up please check out this story about penguins at the Shedd Aquarium exploring the empty building due to closures. This is certainly a silver lining for the penguins.

Connecting During Hard Times

Some of us have been conducting virtual learning for weeks while others may just be getting started now. I am happy to see that many of you have been connecting with your PLN’s and sharing some best practices and amazing resources for online learning. 

Blogging Provocations

Some of you have expressed concern for how you might continue with blogging or how your Course 5 project might look. Liliana had a great idea for her posts by looking to the great resources provided by the the Eduro learning MastermindEd blogging provocations. Sometimes during times when our brains can’t seem to focus, prompts are a great way to get started on a blog. You could also look to the ISTE Standards for ideas and connections to what you are changing with respect to virtual learning. How has your classroom changed? How might this experience change it in the future?

Getting Creative with Course 5

Some of you may find that your plans for your Course 5 project are completely up in the air right now. While I know this may be a hurdle you feel like you just can’t handle right now, you might see how this can also be a great opportunity to feature some of the wonderful things that can be achieved with virtual learning. If you keep the focus on student learning you will be coming at it from the right place. As always I am here for support so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Stay well,