5 Weeks to go!

Well COETAILers we have had a very interesting year so far in 2020. I think by now most of you have been involved in online learning in some capacity and a few of you might see an end in sight (looking at you China).

I have been impressed with how you have all been rising to the challenge of online learning and showing leadership within your school communities and around the world. There have been some wonderful resources and ideas shared on Twitter with the wider educational community from our cohort that I have loved seeing. They are all great examples of community engagement and here are some of the highlights…

Alex started his own podcast called The EdTech Lens and has been featuring some great episodes on topics like school closures and service-learning. What a great addition to the rich world of educational podcasting. As a fellow podcasting nerd I am looking forward to hearing more! 

David Higgenson, with inspiration from fellow coetailer Boramy, created a wonderful infographic flow chart for Microsoft Teams etiquette. Something I am sure will come in handy for many educators since video call management seems to be such a huge focus nowadays. 

If you haven’t been able to get on Twitter lately, now is a great time to communicate with those just beginning with COETAIL. Our new Cohort 12 is just getting started and already engaging with #coetail and #coetail12. It would be wonderful to see online11 provide some encouragement and well wishes as they begin their journey. It would also be a great addition to your community engagement post. 

Looking Ahead

Over the next 5 weeks, you will be in the middle of final touches to your Course 5 project and finishing up your posts. Here is what is required before the extended May 18 deadline:

  • 4 blog posts of your choice. Take a look at the prompts located here for inspiration
  • 1 Community Engagement post. See the rubric here.
  • 1 final reflective post containing your project and video. This post should be a reflection on your process, what you learned, and contain your project materials and video. 

If you have any questions at all please reach out! I am here to help and support you.