Wow we made it! Online 11 can now take a breather and be proud of finishing off Course 5 with a bang. I was so impressed by the dynamic and original projects put forth during what might be the most unusual semester any of us have ever lived through. You are truly the first COETAIL cohort to finish off during a combination of virtual and in-person learning, as well as the stress of being displaced from your home and professional learning communities. I can’t express how impressed I am with your ability to change plans on short notice and take on entirely new learning contexts.

Innovative Final Projects

COETAIL final projects took on new and exciting pathways this year with many of them being implemented with students at a distance. Despite the challenging circumstances, the creativity and depth of these projects was not affected. COETAILers partnered with learning teams at a distance using multiple forms of technology, while connecting with students in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. Here are just a few examples from the amazing COETAIL Course 5 projects:

Student Learning

David Higginson’s students were empowered through a series of opportunities to showcase their voice using Flipgrid and Teams while creatively communicating using numerous video production techniques.

Saadia Hammad explored powerful themes of American war and war theory during her 8th Grade History unit. Her blog post and video thoughtfully break down each aspect of the unit and showcases how various technology tools such as Padlet, Wakelet, Popplet etc. allowed her students to collaborate and communicate their thinking during virtual learning. She gave students a multitude of opportunities to express their voices during a time that they might otherwise feel disconnected.

Image courtesy of Saadia Hammad’s Final COETAIL Project

COETAIL represents those in various roles in education, and Ryan Persaud is an example of how a school administrator can take the course while also juggling various responsibilities associated with a school leader. For his final project, he used the ISTE Standards as his guide in developing digital citizenship lessons for grades 3-8. His ability to meaningfully collaborate with his colleagues and support responsible and reflective students is apparent in his final project video.

Boramy Sun also explored themes of digital citizenship in her final project with a focus on questions like such as “How can I contribute to a positive and ethical online presence?” and ” how can my words and actions online can impact real-life”? In her final project video she demonstrated excellent use of graphics, narration, and pace to give her viewers a window into her unit. Check it out below!

Overall, there are almost too many highlights to fit into one blog post. If you want to check out more of the awesome COETAIL Online 11 final projects you will find them embedded in this Padlet. Enjoy!