Class Schedule


Course 1: Ourselves as Learners

Spring 2019
(Heritage: CM401v)
(University of Kentucky: EDL 665)

A foundation course, introducing participants to the methods of teaching and learning 18+ years into the 21st century. Independent learning requires that students and teachers are able to evaluate the authenticity, relevance, and bias of information that inundates us. Tools and strategies for teachers and students for accessing, filtering, evaluating and applying information will be addressed. This course will address meta-cognition and an awareness of how we learn in a digital landscape. Participants will be provided with strategies for reflective practice and be using prior knowledge to build understanding and explore new technology.

ISTE Standards for Educators: Learner, Citizen

Course 2: Literacy in Today's World

Spring 2019
(Heritage: CM401w)
(University of Kentucky: EDL 665)

Today’s learner had been bombarded with new technology, access to wide-ranging global communication, and a plethora of information. Accompanying this new world of learning are ethical, moral, social, and emotional considerations that are changing the way in which our students are interacting with the world. This course will explore current issues inherent in our technological world.

ISTE Standards for Educators: Learner, Citizen

Course 3: Visual Communication

Fall 2019
(Heritage: CM401x)
(University of Kentucky: EDL 663)

The curriculum of design and attention to aesthetic has always been the property of the visual arts, however as so much our media is now consumed and created electronically a new set of visual literacies have emerged. Awareness of how an audience interacts with that medium and how to take advantage of this to strengthen their message or purpose for communication will be addressed.

ISTE Standards for Educators: Connected Learner, Systems Designer

Course 4: Learner-Driven Instruction

Fall 2019
(Heritage: CM401y)
(University of Kentucky: EDL 665)

Research-based best practice for the embedded use of technology for learning will be shared and practiced. The focus will be on the habits that provide students with the ability to use technology for its greatest learning advantage. The best use of various devices & platforms will be addressed as embedded tools to foster optimum learning of the curriculum. The optimal use of communication tools such as podcasts, blogs, social networks, Google Docs, and videos will be addressed with tips for management and strategies to promote maximum learning in classrooms.

ISTE Standards for Educators: Connected Learner, Systems Designer

Course 5: Alive in the Classroom: Application of Teaching & Learning with Technology

Spring 2020
(Heritage: CM401y)
(University of Kentucky: EDL 661)

The course will focus on the classroom application of and reflection on the use of technology in the classroom. Participants will be asked to create a plan for the embedded use of technology to foster learning, share with the group and offer feedback on their cohorts’ embedded use of technology for learning. Did the use of technology lead to deeper learning?

ISTE Standards for Educators: Leader, Analyst

Date Course Heritage Course Number
January 9 – February 24, 2019 Course 1 CM401v
March 4 – April 21, 2019 Course 2 CM401w
August 26 – October 6, 2019 Course 3 CM401x
October 14 – December 1, 2019 Course 4 CM401y
January 7 – April 24, 2020 Course 5 CM401y

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Note: Course 4 and Course 5 are the same Heritage course. They combine to be a 6 credit course. Both course 4 and 5 must be completed to be awarded the 6 credits.

COETAIL & School Tech Leadership Certificate

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UKSTL Course Description
EDL 665: School Tech Leadership for Digital Citizenship This course examines school administrators’ social, ethical, and legal issues and responsibilities for all students, including those with disabilities and special needs, for digital citizenship. Facilitating understanding of evolving virtual school environments and modeling digital citizenship at the school, district, and state levels are also addressed.
EDL 663: Leadership for School Improvement This course addresses the role of the educational administrator in providing professional development that supports communities of practice and the adoption of contemporary technologies and digital resources to enhance student academic learning. The course introduces students to principles of adult learning that characterize effective professional development and planning as it relates to technology adoption at the school, district, and state-levels of education.
EDL 661: School Technology Leadership This course examines how educational administrators at the school, district, and state levels develop and implement a shared vision of comprehensive integration of technology to enhance students’ academic learning and transform schools, education organizations, and systems.

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